Taming the Snack Time Woes-Free Printable

Taming the Snack Time Woes-Free Printable
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I don’t know about your house, but at mine as soon as the kids get home they want to eat their weight in chips and cookies.  Then of course come dinner time, they’re stuffed and trying to run from the table.  I know they’re hungry and need a snack but trying to get them to eat healthy snacks is a constant battle.  Well, until recently.  For some reason, my kids will listen to a piece of paper better than me so I decided to create a snack chart that hangs on our pantry door.  As soon as they get home, they now check the chart out and pick what they want to eat.  No more fuss!  I’ve been amazed at the difference this little piece of paper has made.  I’m sure someone else with a lot more creativity and time than me could create a snazzy page, but this works perfectly for my kiddos.  Feel free to print one off for yourself (simply click on the image) or make your own.  The greatest thing is they can eat as much as they want of the foods on this list and I won’t complain.  One of their favorites is our homemade green popsicles.  Enjoy!