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Take a Class at The Nappy Shoppe

If you have ever read my blog, it would come as no surprise that I’m a fan of cloth diapers
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There's no denying it - cloth diapers are cute.

And as a result, I’m a big fan of our local cloth diapering store, The Nappy Shoppe.  But you don’t have to use cloth diapers to take advantage of all The Nappy Shoppe has to offer…they are currently offering classes on everything from prenatal yoga to baby sign language.

I wish I would have had access to these classes when I was pregnant with my son, and especially right after he was born.  They have *so* many things I would have benefited from.

The beginner prenatal yoga class would have been a great way to have kept in shape while I was pregnant (I needed all the help I could get, trust me).

Once Jack was born, I struggled – as many moms do – with breastfeeding.  The Nappy Shoppe offers a Breastfeeding Cafe – a chance for new moms to connect with other nursing moms and talk with a certified Le Leche League leader, as well (I attended a few LLL meetings when Jack was a wee babe, and just knowing that I was not alone in my struggles was a huge step in overcoming them!).  I wish all new moms had the ability to meet with other moms who are in similar situations.

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In the weeks following Jack’s birth, I was pretty much overwhelmed with this intense little being who I Could. Not. Put. Down. EVER.  He was six weeks old before I learned about babywearing.  My husband and I loaded up the cranky baby and headed into Dallas (we lived waaaay out in the country when Jack was born) and found a baby boutique that sold slings.  In just a few short minutes (as long as it took the nice lady to strap me into a sling), my whole outlook on parenting was transformed.  I all of a sudden had my hands free.  I could stand up and do things while the baby actually slept (which he refused to do when I put him down!).

Despite my new-found love for babywearing, I never did quite master the sling, which is a shame (it was so pretty…and light…and didn’t take up much space in the diaper bag).  I moved on to other carriers and finally settled on the ErgoBaby Carrier.

If I were to get pregnant again (which ain’t happening!), I’d take the babywearing classat The Nappy Shoppe.  They teach you how to use eight different carriers, including slings, the Ergo, and wraps.  They even have a Babywearing 102 class for more advanced babywearers!

As Jack grew older, I often felt isolated – partly because we actually *were* isolated and living in The Middle of Nowhere, and partially because there aren’t a lot of activities geared towards young babies.  It seems, to me, that most “kid-friendly” events are for children who are toddlers or older.  The Nappy Shoppe offers a couple of classes for moms and young babies that I wish had been close when Jack was little.  The good news for me is that I have another little one – Claire is just 13 months old – and now we live just a short drive away from classes like Baby Sign Language and Music & Drama for Infants.   These classes are just $15 each and I’m thinking it might be a fun thing for Claire and I to do once Jack goes back to school next week.

And for those of you who have a baby (or a baby on the way) and are thinking about cloth diapering but are kind of terrified, too…they offer a Cloth Diapering 101 class.  That way, you can check it all out and actually see how the diapers work in person – and get a feel for what you may or may not like – before jumping in.

The ladies at The Nappy Shoppe are all fabulous and know their stuff.  I look forward to taking some classes with Claire this Fall!

You can find The Nappy Shoppe at their website, on facebook, or on twitter.


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