Sweetwater Spectrum Housing

A group of families of people with autism came up with a wonderful idea.
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It is called Sweetwater Spectrum, a residential pilot community being developed in Sonoma, CA for adults on the autism spectrum.

These families have partnered with community leaders and professionals to address a growing need — high quality, appropriate and safe housing for adults with autism. Some of the benefits of this residence will include each client being given the opportunity to lease a home of their own and choosing whom to live with; residents helping direct the services they receive as needed; residents assisted in building relationships with family, friends and neighbors; opportunities to garden, take classes and to participate in the mainstream community in which they live. Located in the downtown Sonoma area, Sweetwater Spectrum is a groundbreaking community that can be duplicated anywhere in the country. To find out more about Sweetwater Spectrum, please visit www.sweetwaterspectrum.org.