Summer Itch Relief Doesn’t Get Much Easier Than This

It’s summer.
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That means my bathroom counter has a permanent display of cortisone, Neosporin, band-aids, chlorine shampoo, sunscreen and of course, calamine lotion. Not to mention, wet bathing suits and towels all over the floor. It’s a serious mess in there.

This year I was lucky to be sent some boxes of BeKool Itch Relief Patches and they sat in my closet for a few weeks.I figured they’d be great for the kids if they get bitten a lot.  But then last week came. Not only did I break them out, I USED them. And quite a few I might add. I’m one of those people who is a mosquito magnet. I commiserate with any of you who also are. It really BITES doesn’t it? Yes, pun intended. But seriously,  it does suck

(sorry!) being bitten and swelling up to look like a freak show. Now on top of my bites, I have poison ivy in three spots. Three itchy stinkin’ spots.

So I tried these neat little Itch Relief patches and I have to say, they work!  Same as calamine but less messy. And what’s really great about them is the portability. I now keep a box in my purse so if any of us have the itchies, I can grab an Itch Relief patch. I definitely don’t want a bottle of lotion in my purse — would hate to see  it when that spills on my iphone!

So, to sum it up, if you are a Mom or if you yourself get bitten and are prone to poison ivy, grab a few boxes of Be Kool itch relief patches– one for each bathroom, one in the kitchen or your purse, and definitely one in the beach bag or camper. They’re VERY handy and so easy to slap on and off. For itchy kids, it can’t get easier than this. But here’s hoping the mosquitos all fly away to Jupiter or something. I’m so over it.

disclosure: I was provided with BeKool itch relief patches free of charge to try them and offer my opinion to my readers. Opinions and pictures are my own.

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