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Summer Camp Suggestion

I know it’s cold outside.
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Very cold. In our family we’ve had serious rock, scissors, paper matches about who is going to bring in the garbage cans. Or get the mail. We’d just rather sit by the furnace vents.

But there are some together mamas who think about summer camp in the middle of winter. I’m only thinking about it because I organize one.

My little camp is called “Write On! Summer Camp” and it is for children ages 2nd grade through 7th grade who love to write. We hold it each summer for one week at Westminster College. This year marks our 5th anniversary. I think it’s fun. My children think it’s fun. There are some children (besides my own) that will be returning for their 5th year. I think we need to give them some sort of an award.

Last summer, Salt Lake Magazine gave us a “Best of the Beehive Award” for “Best Writing Camp for Young People.” As my sister so aptly pointed out, “Exactly how many writing camps are there for young people?” True. But maybe that is the point. There isn’t a lot of writing camps for young people. In fact, we’re the only one I know of in the state. For the right child, it fills a great need and gives them a place to shine. Maybe that explains our 5th year returnees.

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We’ll have lots of cool writing clubs, very hip and talented interns, visits from professional writers and King’s English will be there selling books. Kids will get lots of chances to write alongside other kids who think that having a way with words is something pretty special.

Our new website is about a day old. You can find out more about our camp by clicking on it here.

It makes me feel warm inside just thinking about it.