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Summer Bucket List Challenge

Summer Bucket List Challenge
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We officially kick off summer vacation this weekend. (I won’t mention all the fun we had last weekend to get us pumped for summer.)

After last year’s summer bucket list fiasco, I’m ready to jump in and maximize this year’s fun! Fortunately, The Happy Family Movement provided just the spark I needed.

To start this summer off on the right foot, we actually made a decent list (as opposed to the six things on last year’s list). We put all of our ideas on colorful pieces of paper and put them in a bucket (clever, I know). We use our list as a brainstorm, so when we have time for some excitement, we can flip through our collection of ideas and pick one. Here’s what we put in our bucket.

  • Christmas in July – Draw names to exchange homemade gifts and have a special meal
  • Movie marathon
  • Family Portraits
  • Make crepes
  • Make crepes
  • Bowling
  • Book Club
  • Eat Pie
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  • Water marbles
  • Magnetic putty
  • Make candy sushi
  • CD art class
  • Silkscreen Printing
  • Soujo Drawing
  • Henna Art
  • Ice cream social

Our list is a healthy start to our summer fun. As we complete an activity, we’ll tape the card on the wall. I’m excited to see how much of the wall we can cover. Good thing it’s a big wall because I’m planning on an adventurous summer. What about you? What’s in your bucket this summer?

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