Strong Moms Empower All Moms

I’ve given up judging the moms with the crying baby in Wal-Mart at midnight (because at some point, we'll all be at Wal-Mart with a crying baby, that's just science.) Have you taken the pledge to support all moms?
no way to be a perfect mother

There’s a moment in your life as a mom when you look around and realize hey, all of us are trying to do the best that we can for our kids. The thing that worked for us may not work for someone else, and we need to trust that the other moms know what they’re doing—unless they ask for our input. I’ve even given up judging the moms with the crying baby at Wal-Mart at midnight (because at some point, we'll all be at Wal-Mart with a crying baby, that's just science.)

Because some moms yell. Some moms cook only organic food. Some moms take their kids to a witch doctor to help with their allergies. Some moms dress their kids in coordinating outfits everyday--some moms even dress their kids in all white everyday. Some moms can barely manage to dress kids at all, let alone themselves. Some moms work long hours in an office, some moms work long hours at home. Some moms can sew a button and some moms know a good tailor. Some moms slather on the sunscreen. Some moms will never go camping. Some moms never eat a vegetable. Some moms can’t remember the last time they cleaned a baseboard. Some moms listen to a whole lot of hip hop.

But no matter what some moms do, the strong moms empower other moms. When it comes down to it, moms need other moms. We use each other as sounding boards and to help form our actions and opinions. The more opinions, the better picture you get of the motherhood experience. Moms need to support each other because we're united by love for our babies. The longer you’ve been a mom, the more you understand that we’re all in this together: raising new humans, making mistakes, loving them so much it hurts, holding out the hope you’re giving them the life they need to become good people.

How have you changed when it comes to judging mothers and parenting? I've taken the pledge to support other moms, to create a better online and offline environment for all parents. Will you take the pledge to support moms?

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