Story Book Character Costumes

Story Book Character Costumes
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In lieu of dressing up in normal costumes, yesterday my school had kids and teachers dressing up as their favorite story book characters.  This is a wonderful idea.  We can get a peek into what kind of books interest some of these kids.  The best part is that the kids have to have the book with them.  So the kid that was just running through the hall with his Scream costume… well, he has to go home to change.

Up until October 30, I had no clue what I wanted to do.  At first I thought about dressing up as Junie B. Jones, but I couldn’t find the perfect pair of mismatch anything.  I then thought, “Alice!!  I could be Alice from Alice in Wonderland!”  I went to theHalloween City near my school to get an outfit.  Now, do costume makers not understand that not everyone is able or willing to dress sexy for Halloween?  I wanted to be Alice, not Sexy Alice.  There was nothing… I though maybe a Dorothy costume, but the same issue came up.  Everything was “sexy” (as the Halloween lady kept telling me).  This gave me 3 options.  1.  I could go as the Cat in The Hat.  2.  I could dress like a penguin (Mr. Popper’s Penguins).  Or 3.  Go to Target and find mismatched clothes and be Junie B.  I took the first option and decided to be The Cat.

I really love my costume.  I have the hat, the tail, a cute Cat in The Hat shirt, and even whiskers and a tail.  I went all out.  I really looked the part.  So when one of my students approached me this morning with absolutely no clue who I was, I worried just a bit (and yes, she was serious).  I teach 5th grade.  By this point I would think or hope that a child would know Dr. Seuss.  If not, and this is totally my opinion, that child has been done a huge injustice.  It’s Dr. Seuss!

Happy day-after-Halloween!… and if you didn’t celebrate Halloween… Happy Thursday!!!!

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