Stay at Home Summer Camp Themes

Stay at Home Summer Camp Themes
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In my last post, I talked about the academic part of our Stay at Home Summer Camp, or the workbooks. Our Summer Camp themes are academic too, but I won’t tell if you don’t.  Before summer begins, everyone chooses a few topics they would like to learn about.  Everyone gets at least one or two of their choices and I’ll add in one of mine if I need to balance things out.   We check out a bunch of books from the library before the start of the week, so on our first day of each topic we narrow down what we want to learn about.  The best part is assigning everyone a sub-subject to read up on and share.  I find stories, games, activities and recipes that go with our theme.

Last year we learned about China, Inventions, the Revolution, and Australia.  We colored flags and learned about animals, we wrote acrostics and made windsocks.  We learned about Ben Franklin, Paul Revere, and George Washington.  We learned some history about our Grand Old Flag and Betsy Ross’ one-snip star.  We traveled through time and around the globe to learn about inventions from Mesopotamia, Egypt, Greeceand Rome.  And my favorite – the food!  We had cookies, cupcakes and patriotic cakes.

I’ve collected everyone’s top subjects for this summer’s camp.  I need to do a little tweaking and fine tuning to make a loose schedule for the summer.  It looks like we will have an interesting mix.  Starting in mid-June I’ll post our cool summer camp adventures!