St. Patrick’s Day Shamrocks for Young Kids and Special Needs Children

This year I decided to do something fun and somewhat easy for St. Patrick’s Day.
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Being Irish I felt the need to participate somehow with a craft.  My son loves doing crafts with me and this was a perfect way to explain to him a little about the holiday. This craft can be duplicated exactly or tweaked to fit the needs of your child.

1.Use a template of a shamrock.  I did a basic search and different types of templates came up.  Just pick the one that works for you.  I printed several pages just in case my son had issues with cutting.  I used white paper so they can decorate the shamrock.

2.Have your child cut out the shamrock, if they are able to do so.

3.Paint, color, etc. to make the shamrock green.

4.Find buttons, green m & ms, green shells, green beads, or anything green.  Glue them onto the shamrock.  This is where the fine motor skills are reinforced by picking up small objects.

5.Let them dry!

We usually give our crafts to distant family members so they can enjoy something that my son made.  He also enjoys picking out the items just for them.  You can also hang them on the refrigerator as part of your seasonal decorations.  Add a magnet to the back and it’s easy to put them on the refrigerator. Enjoy!