Springtime Joys

It comes as no surprise to anyone who knows me: I love this time of year.
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First of all, both my sons play baseball, so this is prime time for a little “cheese.” Also,  Arizona is blessed with some amazing weather this time of year, the kind of weather other states envy. But most of all, Spring has Easter, one of my favorite holidays.

It may be cliche, but Spring, and Easter especially, are symbols of life renewed.  Sure, there are bunnies and eggs, but there’s also a sense of rebirth and rejuvenation.  I love the promise that Spring holds; that life is starting again.  You can see it all around you, from the wild flowers in bloom to the purging ritual known as spring cleaning.  Personally, I look forward to the annual Easter preparation and celebration that I get to share with my family.

I vividly remember  coloring Easter eggs as a kid and now I share the joy of decorating them with my own children.  This year, we took advantage of the Easter egg hunt held at the local Golfland where Daniel just happened to nab a plastic egg with a free ticket to SunSplash!  We also had a quick meeting with the Easter Bunny before heading home to color our eggs.

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When I was little and colored eggs, one of the best parts was dumping the bright, beautiful dye into the sink and watching the colors swirl down the drain.  That tradition continues as Daniel and I slowly dumped the used pigment down the sink to its inevitable end, and I think about the when the color is gone, the hard boiled eggs are all eaten, that we’ll all have the memories of this time together.  Coloring eggs with the kids is my favorite activity, next to the actual egg hunt itself.  This year, I had the pleasure of hiding 55 eggs in the house and in the backyard before I turned the kids loose.  The rib me about the “rules” that I impart before I release them on their quest to search out the eggs, many of them plastic and filled with money.  They know about the “special” egg that is a small candle, shaped and colored like an Easter egg, the candle that will bring them a ten dollar bounty if they find it.  This year, in particular, was bittersweet for me because this year included Kayla, my stepdaughter,  but it was the very first Easter without my oldest son, Ryan. (Yes, at age 20, he still participates in my Easter egg hunts.  They are that good!)  Everyone scores an Easter basket, filled with candy (no peeps), and various items based on age–Daniel got a Star Wars action figure in his basket while the girls each got hair spray, make up and sundry hygiene products.  And Ryan, although absent, was sent a package than included a roll of quarters for laundry, along with a letter from his mommy.

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When Easter is all said and done, I sit back and enjoy the outstanding weather my state has to offer, do a little Spring cleaning and relish my renewed spirit.  And as the color swirls into the drain and eventually disappears, I think about the promise of a new Spring.


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