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Spotlight Mentors International Mom – Grecilda from the Phillipines

Grecilda Lumbay grew up with two sisters and five brothers in the Visayan Islands
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She wondered why they did not have meals on time, and it broke her heart when she was sent to temporarily live with an aunt because her parents could not afford food.  At 18, Grecilda traveled to Manila to find employment.  She was hired as house help and met her future husband, Gerardo Lumbay, a worker in the area.  They were later married and blessed with seven children.

Grecilda bought rice cakes and sold them to add to the family income.  She learned to make and market fried cheese sticks.  Her average income grew to $14 per day.  This was a good income, but still not enough to provide for and educate her large family.  She sought more capital for her business, but high interest rates overburdened her and barely added to the income.  In 2009, she learned about Mentors Philippines. Her first loan of $65 helped purchase raw materials; the business grew again.  Grecilda now employs 50 additional people and nets about $65 per day.  She has an annual business loan of $2,500.  Her oldest child is in college and two others are in high school.  Grecilda has not only learned how to ‘fish’, but has also taught others how to ‘fish’.

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