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Spooky Fun — Munster Mansion and Catfish Plantation

I continue to be surprised and impressed with all that Texas has to offer.
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After learning from our local news that we (Texans) have a Munster Mansion and haunted restaurant named Catfish Plantation, how could we not go?

Just in time for the Halloween festivities, I convinced my hubby to drive us to Waxahachie. I was SO excited. Who didn’t love the Munsters with their catchy theme song and funny family friendly episodes? And, how cool is it that I’d finally get the chance to visit a supposed haunted restaurant?

We gathered enough information from the internet to know that we wouldn’t be allowed to take pictures inside the house (it’s owned by private residents). But, that didn’t deter me. Pre-visit, I would’ve been more than happy to see the mansion face to face. I’d say we were pretty lucky that evening since the mansion’s gates were open. Not missing a beat, I had my hubby drive in. My daughter and I jumped out of the car and quickly took two pictures before leaving the premise. We would’ve stayed a minute longer, but it was pretty evident the residents were hosting a private party.

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More than satisfied with our roadside attraction, we  drove from 1313 Mockingbird Lane (Munster Mansion’s fictional address). It only took us minutes to get to the Catfish Plantation (which was nestled in a neighborhood boasting beautiful homes). While we patiently waited 30 mins to be seated, we wandered the property taking pictures and earnestly viewed their looped video from Discovery Channel’s Ghost Lab. I thought it was pretty cool that Discovery thought that Catfish Plantation warranted a visit to air on tv for the masses.

As I told our eight year old daughter (she was spooked out), the restaurant wasn’t meant to be scary (at least I didn’t think so). It reminded me so much of Disney’s Haunted Mansion which put her to ease while we ate. The southern food was satisfying (we ordered their chicken, blackberry lemonade, and coconut pie) and reasonably priced. It was a very cute restaurant where friendly and helpful employees donned Halloween costumes. Lining the exterior of the restaurant were pumpkins and adorable Halloween decor (if you like gnomes, they had plenty in their kids’ playhouse).

It was a family friendly evening had by all.

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– Cool Playground Mommy


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