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Ski Lessons for Kids at Deer Valley

I have a confession to make.
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I have lived in Utah for my entire life and I have never skied. Ever.

I started snowboarding in high school, but I’ve always regretted having never skied. (there’s still time to change right?) However as a parent I always said I’d make sure that my kids learned to ski early. Each year as much as the winters seem to drag on, when it comes to lining up ski lessons the winter seems to fly by! I finally pulled it off this year. I got the kids up skiing at Deer Valley in their kids program. We loved it!

Here’s a shot of the mountain mid day. See the sunshine? This is why spring lessons are the best!

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Deer Valley’s programs are fantastic. Here are a few things we noticed:

  • Their kids program incorporates a state licensed day care
  • The entire kids facility and program is nut free (awesome for kids like my youngest with nut allergies). Kids with allergies have a different color of lanyard on their pass that alerts staff to their allergies. So smooth!
  • Their rental program was so easy. I think I had all 3 kids fitted and out the door in less than 20 minutes. The guy fitting the kids for their boots even had a Frozen sing along with them while measuring!
  • They broke up the day with cocoa breaks and lunch to keep the kids fueled up and running.
  • Class sizes were small! My 5 year old had just 2 kids in her class (she and one other), and my older kids had a group of 4.
  • There is a dedicated learning area that doesn’t overlap with the general areas. The ski school terrain is completely separate. They even have a small chair lift dedicated for learning.
  • At the end of the day the instructors gave me printed reports for each child, what they worked on, what they mastered, and what they were ready for next.

The locals ski program has wrapped up for this year but you can still schedule individual and group lessons. Here’s a sample schedule from Deer Valley’s local ski school programs :

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Local Ski Lessons for Kids at Deer Valley

Offered for seven weeks during the season (programs are offered multiple days of the week) from 1 to 4 p.m. Children 3 to 14 years of age have the opportunity to improve their skiing in a fun environment. Parents are invited to attend the last day’s events to see how their children have improved over the course of the program. For pricing and reservations, please call 888-SKI-TIPS (754-8477) or 435-645-6648.

Dates for 2014/2015 will be announced this fall.

There’s still time this season to work a few individual lessons in. I love spring snow! The sun is out and the temperatures are perfect for beginners. Or you can always plan ahead for next year!

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