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Sensitive Ears? Try This Earring Trick!

This simple trick for sensitive ears will change your life if you experience irritation with your ear piercings. Plus: This popular metal could be causing you unnecessary pain.
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My mom didn’t let me get my ears pieced until I was 18 years old.  So I feel like waiting that long really helped me to appreciate getting to wear earrings.  Now I wear them all the time!  Basically, if I’m leaving the house I wear earrings.

However, within the past year my ears started to get really sensitive.  I was super sad because even the earrings for sensitive ears started bugging me.  I kind of stumbled upon this little trick by accident and it has worked like a charm!  Now I wear whatever kind of earrings I want.

Just use Vaseline.  Dip the pointy part of your earrings in the Vaseline. Then put them in your ears like normal. The Vaseline seems to coat the earrings and will prevent your ears from getting sore.

Why Do Earrings Irritate My Ears?

There are two main culprits when it comes to earrings irritating ears. The first one is the piercing is infected. The cause of ear infections is mostly from piercing ears with equipment which hasn’t been sterilized, using unsterilized earrings, or touching the earring holes with dirty hands. The second culprit of irritation in the ear from earrings is skin irritation mostly caused by the type of metal you are using. The most common metal to cause irritation is nickel. In fact, some suggest that up to 15% of all women have an allergic predisposition to nickel earrings.

Just knowing these two causes of earring irritation can help reduce pain by doing two simple things: sterilize anything that is ever going to touch your earring holes (this includes washing your hands) AND using non-nickel based earrings.

What Earrings Are Hypoallergenic
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What Is The Best Earrings For Sensitive Ears?

As mentioned above, 15% of women are predisposed to having a reaction to nickel based earrings. When looking for the best earrings for sensitive ears, the number one rule of thumb is to find materials that do not contain nickel. Simple, right? Not really. The reason why is because many other popular non-nickel materials actually contain nickel. Confusing? Yes. When it comes to the best options, choose platinum, silver, or gold. Even within those options, nickel is still used, so choose the highest content of each type of option to ensure the lowest amounts of nickel.

Another good choice of material is niobium, stainless steel, or titanium. These three aren’t mixed with other metals so this will reduce the chances of having a reaction. For some, no matter which type of metal they use they will undoubtedly get some kind of irritation. If that is the case...give plastic a try. Plastic earrings are a great alternative for people with earring sensitivity issues, especially metal sensitivity.

Best Earrings For Sensitive Ears

What Earrings Are Hypoallergenic?

Let’s build on what we’ve already discussed above in terms of metals and ear sensitivity. Hypoallergenic earrings are made specifically for people who experience an allergic reaction to metals in jewelry. The biggest culprits are nickel and zinc. Nickel is found in a lot of earrings. Hypoallergenic earrings are made up of primarily pure metals. Some of the more popular kinds of pure metals are stainless steel, sterling silver (although some contain nickel), high quality gold, high quality silver, pure titanium, and niobium.

best Hypoallergenic earrings

Is It Bad To Sleep With Earrings In?

Sleeping with earrings in does not provide a simple yes or no answer. Questions like this get the “I.D.” answer as in “It Depends.” Truly, it does. We get it, some days you are so exhausted that you forget to take them out. Other nights, you just forget because you have so many things on your mind. Some people absolutely recommend NEVER going to bed with earrings in. Some people on the other end of the spectrum are so aloof to the idea, they just don’t care. The answer lies somewhere in between. For the most part studs and really small earrings are okay. They are less likely to snag on materials like pillowcases or bed sheets if you toss and turn your head around during the night. Definitely avoid falling to sleep with large or heavy earrings or any kind of earring that could cause damage not only to your ear, but your head, hands, eyes ( can pop out of the ear and cause damage to other parts of your body). Think about damage to the earring itself. Some shapes like hoops or long, multi-dangling earrings can easily be damaged during a night’s sleep.

Falling asleep with your earrings in is not going to result in any major health issue. Let’s just clear that out of the way. Here’s a few reasons why you don’t: it’s just not comfortable sleeping with earrings in, you can damage your bedding, they can get dirtier (or never get cleaned), and you can tarnish your earrings. 

Is It Bad To Sleep With Earrings In


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