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Science Says: THIS Is the Key to a Long, Happy Life

On occasion I wonder how soon the unearthly amount of sugar I consume in a day will kill me.
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But then I read this research and I realize that as long as I keep up healthy, secure relationships I won’t have to change a thing. (Or at least I hope not, because I don’t see my sugar intake lowering anytime soon.)

According to one of the world’s longest studies of adult life, secure relationships are a greater predictor of longtime health than many other factors, including cholesterol levels and alcohol and tobacco abuse.

As the director of the study, Robert Waldinger, puts it: Loneliness kills.


The research even revealed that close relationships with family, friends, and community kept people happier and healthier than fame, social class, IQ, and even their genes. And that those good relationships helped protect from physical pain and memory loss as well.

Great, so we all have to have the perfect marriage to live long, happy lives? Nope.

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“…Those good relationships, they don’t have to be smooth all the time. Some of our octogenarian couples could bicker with each other day in and day out, but as long as they felt that they could really count on the other when the going got tough, those arguments didn’t take a toll on their memories.”