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Science Says: Moms need to CALM DOWN

It's everybody's favorite phrase.
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Never in the history of ever has the phrase, “Calm down,” actually helped a person calm down, least of all me.

But it sounds like it could be a new mantra for mamas out there, after this new study from Brigham Young University.

No pressure, moms, but it looks like the more control you have over your life—especially your emotions—the more well-behaved your kids are going to be. So…calm down.


I kid…but really. The study showed, through a series of tasks and questions given to moms with kids ages 3 to 7, that the women who showed more emotional control had kids who fought less and threw fewer fits.

A classic monkey-see, monkey-do scenario, with massive life-altering effects.

So how do we improve our executive functioning, the part of our brains that controls things like managing the sheer chaos that quite often defines motherhood?

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​Take a (likely well-deserved) time out and, you guessed it, calm down. Just like you might send your children into a time out for a few minutes to breathe deeply and regroup, the study suggests moms need to do the same. When you feel yourself getting close to the melting point, show your kids how to handle life when things aren’t going your way: step back, relax, and regain control before acting out feels like the only option.



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