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Science Extravaganza for Kids

Put March 19- 26 on your calendar for a great educational adventure for students!
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On March 19-26,  come enjoy theSan Diego Science Festival–a  huge adventure inscience,technology,engineering, andmath! Map out a one-week STEM  field trip with hands-on science experiments and opportunities to speak with professional scientists.  At the end of the day, you can write about what you discover!  The festival has a wide range of activities for children and adults, so bring your camera or FLIP video camera to create a digital scrapbook of science fun.

Plus, make the science and Language Arts connection by writing about the adventures you experience.  The Weekly Writer Club has set up an “Adventure Reporter” page for you to blog all the cool things you see.  Kids can practice their reporting skills by blogging about the “who, what, why, when, where, and how” of what they are learning.   Just look for the Science Globe logo (pictured left) to enter your blog report. (Parent permission required)

Here is what you’ll find at the festival.  Click for a Schedule of Activities

Here is a quick run-down of what you can expect:

Saturday, March 19: Balboa Park Family Day**,** Free Science Demonstrations at San Diego State University,  open classroom activities at San Diego Miramar College for ages 9-99, Super Science booths at Classical Academies, Science of Sea Birds at Birch Aquarium

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Sunday, March 20:  Protein Structures (high school), River Bugs at the SD River Park Foundation,  Laser Physics and Advanced Technology at Cymer, Groovy Like a Movie: Your Inner Geek

Monday, March 21:  LEGO Robotics from the YMCA, Science of Brewing

Tuesday, March 22:  Science of Sports, Science Careers for Adults, Panel Discussion on the future of STEM education,  Marathon Training 101, Get into Medical School Early

Wednesday, March 23:  Explore a research vessel, Panel Discussion about science publications,  Mad Science Spin, Pop, Boom!, Fitness and Weight Loss,  Speed Round Science Presentations, Science of Chocolate and Taste, Green Learning Adventure

Thursday, March 24:  Tijuana River Research, Tornado Thursday, Exercise and the Female

Friday, March 25:  Tame High Temperatures, Tornado Friday

Saturday, March 26:THE BIG DAY! SD Coronado City Beach Clean-up and The Big Expo Day (10-5pm) with over 135 activities and 12 stage performances.


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