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School Crushes, and Puppy Love

“Mommy, I like Y in my class.”
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“He’s a nice boy, and he’s my friend.”

“I’m glad he’s your friend, and that he is nice. Nice is very important. Do you also think he’s cute?”

“No! He’s not cute. He’s handsome.”

My daughter is crushing on a blonde boy. My husband, before he shaved his head, and when he was a child, was a little blonde boy. It seems my youngest has the same taste I do.

She came home one day from school, and would not stop harassing me.

“Mommy I want to go to Y’s house. I want to go to Y’s house now!”

“Sweetie, we can’t. We aren’t. You simply do not invite yourself over to someone’s house.”

“No, mommy! I don’t want to go have a play date. I just want to bring him some treats.”

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Since I am that kind of mother – I let her deliver homemade snickerdoodles, and chocolate chip cookies to her new friend.

I mentioned her crush to her kindergarten teacher, for the laugh, and she smiled and reminded me that my oldest had a crush in kindergarten as well. Unfortunately, my sweet oldest’s affections were unrequited. When she realized that her crush was not a nice boy, that puppy love ended, thankfully.

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Still, I was tickled over my adorable daughters, and I called my mom to tell her how funny, and sweet that both my girls find boys they “like”.

My mom laughed, then said, “You know, they are exactly like you.”


“Yes, you. You were in love with so many little boys when you were in kindergarten, and throughout elementary school.”

“Oh. Right. I forgot.”

“You wrote all their names in your journals as a kid.”

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She was right. I did. I still have those journals. I still remember most of the names of the boys I had crushes on in elementary school. For some reason those names, due to long-term memory, have stuck. Meanwhile, a “Living with Plants” class I took in college has been completely erased from my memory.

I suppose that’s how you can tell it’s fall, the smell of puppy love is in the air.

Did you have any school crushes as a child? Do you have a story to share? Do your children have school crushes? How do you handle it?

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