Save on Back to School Shopping

Summer vacation is almost over and it’s time to prepare for the new school year.
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That usually means lots of shopping. Fortunately, July is the month to save on summer clothing, shoes, back-to-school supplies and more.

If you don’t already have it, find your child’s Maricopa County school online to get supply lists.

Shop your local office supply stores for lots of great deals under $1 and more:

Office Max

  • pens, pencils, erasers, highlighters, Sharpies
  • scissors and staplers
  • USB flash drives


  • pens and pencils
  • rulers, compasses, binders
  • calculators

Target has some good deals on electronics and dorm room décor right now. As always, they are a source for back-to-school items such as:

  • backpacks
  • paper, markers, crayons, glue
  • socks and underwear

Save on Clothing and Shoes

  • Kohl’s is less expensive than other department stores and you save on brand name shoes and apparel.
  • If you need to buy school uniforms, shop Old Navy and used children’s clothing retailers for deals.
  • Check Payless and Big 5 Sporting Goods for shoe sales.
  • Do you have an Entertainment book? Don’t forget those have clothing coupons too!

Save on Haircuts

  • Cool Cuts 4 Kids new customers can print a coupon for $5 off a haircut here. Everyone will receive 20% off hair care products through August 31st.
  • SuperCuts is offering a back-to-school haircut special for $9 from August 1st through August 12th.

Other Back-to-School Considerations

Not sure if your child’s shots are up-to-date? Get information on Arizona’s back-to-school immunization requirements here.

Is it time for a dental check-up? You can search the Children’s Dentist Directory or to find a dentist near you. Be sure to ask if they are offering any back-to-school discounts.

Want to help other children in need? There are lots of back-to-school drives to participate in. You can donate to the Back-to-School Clothing Drive for high-need children throughout Arizona or Jewish Family and Children’s Service benefiting foster teens and young adults, just to name a couple. Look around for great back-to-school drives happening in your area.


middle schooler with backpack

Library Secrets for Back to School

Summer is almost over. In the libraries we are girding our loins for the start of the school year. No more happy families picking up audiobooks for road trips; it's time for the after-school junior high crowds (heaven help me) and . . . dun dun dunnnn . . . school assignments.

Soothing Back-to-School Anxiety

Here we are at the beginning of the school year, when play-time turns abruptly to work-time, when sleeping in is officially out, when academic and social pressure combine in a way that can give almost anyone the willies.