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Safe Kids Websites for Younger Kids and Special Needs Children

If your kid is like most kids, he will want to get on the computer and play games.
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However, not all websites are created equal and as parents we want to protect our kids from child predators.  We’ve all seen the news and know that the internet is sometimes hard to filter for kids.  I have collected some websites that might help you in this quest to give our children a safe place to play online and it stimulates their minds.

PBSandPBS Kids

You can’t have a website list for kids without these two connected websites.  The main website has more items for the parents, but the PBS Kids site has all of the favorite shows with their own pages of activities.  There are no chats on these websites, so you won’t have to worry about your child connecting with other people.

Sesame Street

This is another great website for kids.  There are videos, games, activities, songs, and coloring pages.  It keeps kids interested and they have fun learning!  Of course Elmo is there, so that makes it even better.  I sometimes like to see some of the older videos and songs that I grew up with as a child myself!


The only thing bad about this website is that unless you pay for full access, you will have a limited use of the site.  It’s a great resource with all sorts of educational tools and fun activities for kids.  There are no ads or external links on this website so you won’t have to worry about them accidentally going to the wrong website if they click on something.

Disney Jr.

Thankfully Disney now has this website for the younger kids.  My son loves printing the pages for him to color of his favorite characters.  There are also interactive activities, games, videos, suggestions for birthdays, etc.  There is even a place where the parents can set up a birthday video and call from one of the characters for your child.


Phil Vischer of Veggietale fame created this website with Focus on the Family for kids.  There are games and videos that they can do in a safe environment.  He also has another website What’s in the bible?  This website has videos, coloring pages, games, etc.  It’s really a great resource not only for kids but for parents and Sunday School teachers.


This is one of the best websites that teachers love for coloring pages. They now have a kids zone where they can play games, create projects, create your own story, create your own cartoon, etc.  Not only is the kid side pretty cool, the side for parents is really helpful.  They have all sorts of games for traveling and crafts that you can do relatively inexpensively.

San Francisco Symphony

This is a unique website as it teaches kids about instruments in an orchestra and there is a music lab where kids can create their own songs.  It’s a little more advanced, but it makes for a great way to spend time with your child teaching them about music.

Even if you have a special needs child, these are websites that allow you to interact with your child in a unique way.  All of their favorite characters help to keep them interested and entertained at the same time.  You might have to sit with them and help them navigate the sites, but it is a great tool. There are more out there, but these are the top respected websites for kids.  Hopefuly this is a starting point for your and your family.  Happy surfing!