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Robi Comb Review

I discovered this neat little contraption when dealing with my last and (hopefully) final episode of hair lice.
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I was wary to try the chemical route, as I pretty much scared myself to pieces reading horror stories of other children’s tragic encounters with the residual pesticides. I essentially followed the non-chemical route, saturating my daughter’s hair with Pantene Conditioner, and going through the entire head with a fine tooth comb more than once. Additionally, I purchased the Robi Comb.

The Robi Comb is essentially a battery operated nit comb, which allows the user to comb through sections of the hair while it electronically ZAPS the lice dead instantly. You turn it on, and instantly you will hear a buzzing sound. As you run it through dry hair, the buzzing will stop, as each lice is killed. You brush the comb clean, and continue. According to the manufacturer, it can ZAP the young lice to the full grown. Although it does not kill the nits, the beauty of this comb is that it can kill the newly hatched lice if you happened to have missed pulling a nit. If you continue use of this product daily to kill any new and existing lice, eventually, the head will be clean. Below is my review of the Robi Comb.


After a thorough wash and comb of my daughter’s hair, I was convinced there was not a nit in sight. Once her hair was cleaned and dried, I took the Robi Comb to her scalp, and I caught one. Dead. It stopped him right in his tracks. I was pleased. I continued to go through, section by section, piece by piece. It zapped no more than one more time. I was sure we were rid of them for good. And we were. I found it relatively easy to use, although I do wish it were larger, one giant comb might be nice… 

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Well, to be completely honest, once I removed this almost $30 tiny comb from the box, I was disappointed. It is a bit flimsy, the battery compartment does not want to be removed, and it looks like it could break fairly easily. However, my comb did not break, and it did the job I purchased it to do. So, looks can be deceiving. Do I wish it were made better? Stronger? Stainless Steel? In brush form? Sure I do. But for now, you won’t hear me complaining.


I have to say I am completely satisfied with my Robi Comb. I could easily point out a number of ways this device could be made better, however, I choose now to accentuate the positive.  The comb works, and if you are looking for an easy way to detect (and KILL!) lice, using the same device that schools in over 50 states are using, this is the comb for you. If you are interested in reading about the other methods I used to kill lice, click here!

Notice: I did not receive, although I am willing to accept, a free Robi-Comb from Lice Guard.


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