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Rewards for Report Cards

Reward those grades!
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If your child did well in school this semester, you might want to take advantage of some of these cool deals to reward their great efforts! Just as an aside, I don’t believe in bribing for grades. We don’t pay for good grades or offer privileges based on how my son’s report card looks.  But these are community deals,  and he didn’t know about them until he got his report card, so why not let him reap the benefits of his hard work?

Amazing Jake’s wants to reward good grades! Have your child bring in their most recent report card and they will receive FREE Game Play Credits. (A = $1 Value in Credits, B = $.50 Value in Credits) Max of 6 grades accepted per student per report card. Amazing Jake’s Plano accepts all grading systems.

Chuck E. Cheese believes in the value of a good education. Have your child bring in their most recent report card and they will receive FREE tokens for good grades.  Valid only with a food purchase. Up to 15 tokens maximum per child. All grading systems accepted.

Whole Foods Short Pump – Children receive a free small gelato for having an “A” on their report cards (Limit one gelato per child per report card. Grades K-12.)

Family Video They give out a free rental in the summer for A’s on a report card. The child must bring their final report into his/her local Family Video store.

Only at Some Locations: (But it doesn’t hurt to ask!)

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Baskin Robbins–Get a free scoop of ice cream for good grades on your report card!

Blockbuster–Get a free family friendly movie rental for A’s on your report card!

Cold Stone Creamery–Get good grades then bring in your report card each quarter and get free ice cream!

McDonalds–Students with straight A’s can get a free Happy Meal!

Pizza Hut–Three A’s Program. Each report card, any child who has 3 A’s or the equivalent thereof, will receive one Personal Pan Pizza and a small soft drink or carton of milk by presenting his or her report card to the manager. This offer is good for Elementary and Middle

School students. Dine-in only. Student mu st be present.

Wendy’s–Students who received A’s and B’s on their report card and bring it into Wendy’s will receive a delicious reward.

KRISPY KREME: Offers 1 free donut for every “A” on your report card up to 6 A’s (some had a limit of two), up through the sixth grade. A sweet reward for all that hard work! This only applies to Krispy Kreme stores – not Krispy Kreme displays you will find in convenience and grocery stores. Simply find the Krispy Kreme nearest you, and stop in with your report card.

LIMITED TOO (Justice): Rewards girls for their good grades. We want to congratulate “the girl” on receiving such outstanding grades on her report card. It’s our way of saying “Way to go!” and ” Keep up the great work!” Report cards may be taken in to any Limited Too retail store within 30 days of issuance and receive $5 off their purchase that day.

If you know of more, please share!


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