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Repurposing: Sew a Cute Onsie onto a Burp Cloth

My cute little boy wore this cute little onsie, twice
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Then he had a not-so-cute and not-so-little blow out diaper. It was on a road trip, so the onsie didn’t get washed soon enough, and no spray and wash could touch the stain. It was ruined.

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I found that cloth diapers make the best burp rags. They seem to be more absorbent and a better size than other burp rags I have. I had a friend that gave me some that she added fabric to and they are adorable. Another friend printed “Baby Jamer” on one for me and that is really cute too.

I wanted to turn the front into something cute, and I saved the bottoms because I have a few t-shirts that I want to turn into onsies. (T-shirts are terrible for the little squirmy babies!)

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I cut the top apart from the bottom. It was difficult to cut something that looked so cute apart, but I kept trying to remember that it was for something else cute! I left most of the fabric at the bottom, because I still haven’t figured out exactly how much I will need to turn a t-shirt into a onsie and hide the stains.

I then cut the “noisy but cute” graphic section of the shirt out, keeping it as big as possible.

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Next, fold the edges under and pin them to the burp cloth. Onsies are usually pretty stretchy, so strech them out and then pin them.

Sew the edges with a matching color thread, and then you can go burp your baby in style!

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