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How to Remove Splinters


My daughter and the little guy next door love to talk through the backyard fence we share. The other day as they chatted away they started rocking the fence back and forth which resulted (at least for her) in two little hands covered in splinters.

Let's just say, I bet she NEVER touches the fence again. Or really probably anything made of wood. I bet she's the first one to run for her shoes before stepping foot on a wood deck. It was TRAUMATIC.

These were not splinters that were going to just work themselves out in the bathtub. There was mad screaming. Tweezers were involved, and at one point a needle did come out, but due to the increase in screaming intensity, the needle didn't exactly come into play.

Well, I should have googled it. And then grabbed the scotch tape. Or just let her fall asleep first.

Check out this article from What to Expect on how to remove splinters from children. A needle is on the list, but definitely not at the top of the list.

Image from What to Expect


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