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Put That Back…Please!

Put That Back…..........Please!
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Certainly you’ve heard the term “retail therapy,” where someone will shop to improve their mood or relieve stress.  After working at a local baby store these past few months, I think I might need therapy for working retail!

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Now, don’t get me wrong; I love the babies and I really like the work I am doing.  I have determined, however, that I have a pet peeve:  people who move items from their place and leave them in other random spots.  I just can’t grasp how someone can pick up an item, examine it, decide they want to purchase it, and then three feet later, decide that, no, they don’t want to buy this article any longer and just leave it wherever they feel like it.

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Like it or not, I understand that returning things to their natural order is part of my job, as is cleaning the bathroom and assisting the customers.  I think the irritating aspect of cleaning up the articles left askew throughout the store is that the customers can just leave the items with any associate of the store if they decide they don’t want them.  Instead, most people opt to leave clothing in the baby baths and the baby shampoo by the humidifiers.  This mystifies me!  I mean, I am certain that these same people don’t walk through their own houses leaving toiletries in the living room and tv remotes in the laundry room, yet they have no problem moving things from place to place in a store.  And it’s not just the store I work at; I see this phenomenon occur every time I am in a grocery store.  Countless times I have taken a stray, melting bucket of ice cream that’s just been left in a random, unrefrigerated aisle up to the customer service clerks.  Who does this???

I think this annoys me so much because it comes down to a matter of respect.  It’s not the lack of respect for me that is bothersome, it is the lack of respect for other customers.  How annoying is it to go into a store looking for a special item, only to find it is not in the place it is supposed to be because someone picked it up and left it somewhere else?  Or, you find the last one on the shelf and some joker has ripped open the package and dashed your plans of giving it as a gift.  It all comes down to common courtesy, something that is sorely lacking in today’s society.

Years ago, parents never let their children run rampant throughout a store.  Children didn’t take toys out of the boxes, chew on them and then leave them in a hapless mess for someone else to clean up.  If “Johnny” picked up an item in a store, his parents would dutifully instruct him to put it back where he got it.  What a novel concept!  Today, it’s difficult to raise children to be respectful of others’ property when the parents are ripping open packages before they are purchased and leaving unwanted items willynilly in the store.  It certainly does take a village, Hillary Clinton–just to clean up the mess!


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