Printable Color Books for Preschoolers

My girl started preschool last August and has absolutely loved it.
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She’s a little sponge—full of questions and eager to learn and talk through the new things she’s learning.

Sometimes (okay, often) my mom-brain stalls out and I’m staring at her blankly as I try to think of something quick and educational to do together.

These printable Color Books from are the perfect quick and easy project for eager preschoolers.

A little letter tracing. A little color review. A little safety-scissor practice. Sounds like a plan.


Book Recommendations for Preschoolers & Young Readers

The Preschool/Early Grade School age is one of the hardest to buy for.  This is the age when children have grown out of board books but aren’t yet into the endless number of chapter books you can get for older kids. So this list is dedicated to that age range!