Preschool Activity- Penny Pictures

Preschool Activity- Penny Pictures
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The cute little preschool aged girl I watch saw a show where they covered shapes with different objects and she really wanted to do that during her craft time that day. This was a good preschool activity, but I had to find stuff around their house to use.




Coins or other small objects (We also like to use pom-poms)


Prepare- Draw a simple picture, shape or letter on your piece of paper. Make sure that you make it big and not too detailed, you should still see the general shape when covered with money. Images from a coloring book could work, or something printed off of the internet.

Direct- Have your preschooler cover your drawing with coins. The preschooler I work with calls all coins pennies right now. When they are finished encourage them to count how many pennies they used.

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Teach- When finished counting, talk about how each coin is different and alike, also teach what each are called. If your preschooler is more advanced, you can also teach the worth of each coin. I didn’t do the last one, because I could tell that she was getting overwhelmed with just the fact that they all had different names.

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The great thing about this was that she was easily entertained, and was able to do it on her own. It is really easy to have a few different pictures for them to cover and they can get creative with it. I’m sure that it’s going to be an activity we do a lot in the future, but we’ll find different objects and pictures to use.

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