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“Pre-owned” clothing and gear

Be honest, you’ve dropped over $200 at Carters before haven’t you? I have, but its over $300 (shhhh don’t tell).
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Kids clothes are SO cute, you go to the store to get what they need  but, it can get even MORE expensive if you don’t stick to what you went into the store to get.  So how can we all save money on our kids clothes?

Shop the clearance rack for the next season, you’ll have to guess about what size they’ll be, but you can save some money there. I’ve done this and I’ve guessed pretty close.  Look for bargains at consignment stores and garage sales.  Some friends of mine were talking a while back about having a clothing-swap party, but that hasn’t happened yet.  Details on that.. ask all your friends who are done having kids if they’d like to have a clothing swap party, every one brings the clothes they don’t want in exchange for something they need.  Chocolate is optional.  I have also recently found yard sale groups on Facebook. Warning this can be addicting, NOT as addicting as say…. pinterest…. but almost!

Here are some of the groups I have found, click to join the group, once you’re approved, you can shop and you can also post your own “in good condition” items up for sale.

Salt Lake area 24/7

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Happy shopping, saving and decluttering some of your own items.


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