Postpartum belly and hip wraps- do they work?

Postpartum belly and hip wraps- do they work?
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In regards to all the hype about wrapping your body in certain areas after you deliver a baby in order to magically bounce back into your sexy jeans …is any of it true? Is it possible to go back to your pre-pregnancy size or….smaller?

Maybe, maybe not but it’s worth a try right? I have met many women at my maternity store who look like they aren’t big enough to grow a baby in them and I have met those who are struggling with losing weight after delivery. Do the postpartum wraps work to help shrink you down? Well here’s what I think:

I used a postpartum wrap around my abdomen immediately after delivering my second child. It was wonderful because it pushed my stomach muscles together which made it easier to get up and walk around right after I popped a human out! I was able to use the restroom, walk easier, and also sneeze without feeling like my guts would explode. I feel that the amount of time it took to fit into my “normal” clothes was the same as with the first pregnancy. Maybe that means it does work since they say it takes longer to lose the weight the more kids you have and the older that you are. Well my kids are 6 yrs apart and I’m not telling you how old I am.

Regardless if it made me shrink faster or not, I would have bought it for the fact that it made my core much more stable and I was a lot more comfortable (or should I say a lot less uncomfortable) than my first delivery. When it comes to my baby weight loss, I think I owe the majority of that to breastfeeding. In fact, I’m sure that’s why I haven’t weaned my 16 month old.

Now when it comes to the hip shrinking wraps, I’m a believer. It makes so much sense, just google it and  see if you agree. So your body releases a chemical called Relaxin during pregnancy. This chemical causes your joints to soften thus enabling the pelvic area to expand for the arrival of your precious baby. Relaxin stays in your system for about 8 weeks after delivery and once gone, your joints will harden back up :O yikes! Keeping those hips compressed for 8 weeks (not extremely to where you are uncomfortable) will help get those hips shrunk. Like I said, it’s worth a try!

Now if only there were a magic pill for stretch marks and saggy boobs…