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Pop Clock- The Best Kids Alarm Clock EVER

Pop Clock- The Best Kids Alarm Clock EVER
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Before Christmas when my kids were asked what they wanted, I got a lot of requests for toys that I knew would never get played with.   I am done with breaking my neck to avoid sudden death by tripping over toys scattered all over my house.  So, when I made out their Christmas list for their Nana and Papa, I decided to take a few of their ideas and add a few things I thought would be useful.  So yes, they would still get some video games, and remote control cars, and other fun things, but not as many “junk” items that would quickly find themselves in a Goodwill or garage sale box.

When flipping through the Bed, Bath, and Beyond Christmas circular, I ran across the cutest or most ugly (I haven’t decided yet) alarm clock, the Pop Clock.  The description really caught my attention:  “Sure to get you up and out of bed on time, the only way to stop the alarm is by catching the Pop clock and putting its head back on its body“.

Now, I am one who normally hates the idea of trying to get my kids out of bed.  They are tired.  I am tired.  They don’t want to move, they don’t want to get dressed, and quite often, we are late leaving for school which means Mama is late for work.  Any opportunity to try out a new gadget that will help the morning process will be taken!

Wouldn’t you know, the boys got that alarm clock for Christmas, and we have used it every morning since the boys have gone to school after their two week break.  When the alarm goes off in the morning, the poor thing’s head pops off.  It makes the loudest most annoying sound (kinda like a crazy cartoon laugh), and it will not stop until you get out of bed and put the head back on the body.  Both boys get up with no issue now.  They want the noise to stop!   I think it is the best invention ever.  The reviews aren’t great on it, but I’m not sure why.  It works in our house.  In fact, instead of having no extra time in the morning, I have a good 30 minutes to drink my coffee, eat my breakfast, and catch up on emails.  The kids aren’t even cranky!  I think it’s a miracle.  I wonder if I can be the spokesperson…

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