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Playful Learning is a homegrown website/blog that was created to get useful and interesting information to families regarding the growth and development of their children.


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Dreaming of Play & Learning

While feeding her own toddler’s curiosity, Gina Moreland was inspired to start Habitot Children’s Museum. See how an active childhood of her own and a lot of research on early childhood development helped her launch her Big Dream.

Learning to Write

Emi is ambivalent. She is five years old, losing her baby-fat and gaining the responsibilities of a kindergartener. At school she loves the thrill of being in "K," though she is anxious over the newness of it all. At home, she revels in her status as an older sibling even as she is bitterly jealous about having to share me with her brother.

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How To Learn in the Age of Information Overload

California-San Diego estimated that adults read the equivalent of 100,000 words, or 83 newspaper articles, every day.

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Websites to Bridge Learning Part 1

Websites to Bridge Learning Part 1