Planning for Next Summer

This summer I enrolled my 6 year old son in a great camp in SF for children with special needs.
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After being waitlisted for other programs, another parent led me to a new camp called Sunny Paths Program for Children with Special Needs.

This is Sunny Path’s first year. It was started by a special education teacher, Cecilia Ng. After finding out about this program, I was excited to learn more about it. I met with Cecilia during a parent interview. She answered all of my questions and concerns, asked me questions about my son’s needs so they would know how to best assist him, and gave me a tour of the camp. She told me that parents are always welcome to come to the camp or to attend the camp field trips. After meeting with her, I felt it was a good fit for my son, so I completed an application and signed him up.

When the first day of camp came, I was anxious to see how my son would like this new program. By the third day, my anxiety was relieved. He was clearly safe there and having a really good time. The camp provided him with several staff who carefully supervised him and assisted him as needed in all activities. It was a full day from 9am to 4 pm. The kids enjoyed many activities such as singing, arts/crafts, etc. and also went on several field trips to places like the zoo, a camp carnival and bowling. Extended care was an option for parents who needed that extra help. And all of this for a surprisingly low cost.

The director told me that the camp will definitely take place again next year. Right now, it is a two week summer program but many parents have asked Cecilia to extend it if possible.

I found out about the camp right before it began and by the time I realized how great it was, it was almost over, so I wasn’t able to get the word out as soon as I would have hoped. But as all parents know, next summer will be here before we know it, and we will again be looking for safe activities for our children to participate in. If you’d like to learn more about Sunny Paths Special Needs Program, you can contact Cecilia Ng at  or call 415-664-4500.