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Party Planning Done Right

I know I’m not the only parent who is anxious to see what her kids will be when they grow up.
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I’ve been marveling at my kids’ talents and jumping to conclusions from the first day they were able to do anything more than simultaneously drool and poop.

My daughter could draw more realistically than some of her peers since preschool – famous artist!

My son swung a bat perfectly at age three – baseball star!

My daughter loves helping me bake cookies – pastry chef!

My son is ridiculously likeable and always smiling – game show host!

On one hand, I don’t want to rush them. They are at delicious ages, six and eight, and when I’m not threatening them with “APOLOGIZE TO HER/HIM AND GO TO YOUR ROOM,” I’m marveling at how quickly their permanent personalities are forming, the unexpected things that come from their mouths and minds that make me laugh with glee.

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On the other hand, I imagine is must be so fulfilling to sit back and watch your grown children do what they love. I am tickled at the certain way my son holds his books when he reads in his bed at night. I imagine I’ll be over the moon when I see him throw a game-winning pitch or receive a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame.

Recently I got a peek into another career option for my daughter.

She stormed right up to me to hand over a list of supplies. Apparently, she had been planning a party in her bedroom, and I needed to get shopping immediately so she can throw “The Best Party Ever.”

Forget centerpieces, fancy invitations or mood lighting. My girl knows exactly what it takes to make a successful soiree.

If I was ever invited to a gathering with that many cake and ice cream options, I’d clear my calendar, pronto.

Not only did she get right to the heart of what is important in a formal celebration (cake and ice cream), she didn’t forget to offer a nutritious treat to the more health-conscious guests who work up an appetite on that dance floor. So fun, yet so considerate! 

I think I can scratch Artist and Pasty Chef off her future career list for now. My baby’s got some serious party-planning skills. 

What do you think your kids will grow up to be?

And, more importantly, will you hire my daughter to plan your next party?


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