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Paper Bag Kites

Spring has sprung, so it’s time to head outside while you can.
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There is no better time or place to let our imaginations take flight while enjoying a high flying activity with our kiddos by building paper bag kites!

This project is more challenging than the flight activities I shared last fall. We made kites from paper grocery bags. I found directions in the Cub Scout Wolf Handbook, but I like these instructionsbetter.  I made these with a group of Cub Scouts, which was fun. I just wish the adult to child ratio was more even. I would recommend one adult to one or two boys; more than that and it gets a little crazy. It’s also fun to go wild and decorate them with markers; the brighter the better!

The best part was the test flight.  We had to do some repairs right off the start – it’s like they were made of paper or something!  This was a great time to discuss kite safety. (You know the boring stuff like not flying your kite into power lines.) After some patching and the addition of a tail, we got them in the air and used all the string we had (which wasn’t saying much).  Since we were just in the neighborhood, I didn’t want to lose them in someone’s backyard.

When one of the neighbors saw us out there, they gave us a cool kite they never used.  That one flew much better, but there was something special about getting something we made in the air.

Try your hand at making your own kite before summer closes us inside our air conditioned homes.

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