Our Low Budget Family Fun Find!

This was the most fun part of our day at Katherine Rose Memorial Park!
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This was the weekend that my family and I had exhausted all of our low budget, “family fun around the metroplex without driving very far” activities. It was about 3:00 in the afternoon and we had no idea how we would begin to keep our children and their friends busy around the house for another 5 hours. We had already gone to Six Flags for the week, our visitors didn’t have swimming attire for the pool or Hurricane Harbor, and well, to be very honest with you, my husband and I were still pretty worn out from the previous week.

What do you do with seven children who have declared boredom on a Saturday afternoon? You take them to the age old favorite place that is way under utilized (at least in my family)… the park!

We packed them all up in the car with a few coolers of water, some snacks, three types of balls, a couple of scooters, some buckets and nets. As we pull into the entrance of Katherine Rose Memorial Park in Mansfield, TX, it looks as if we weren’t the only ones with the park in our plans! There were families everywhere! The full playground echoed of happy screams, while the parents of these excited children positioned themselves restfully on park benches with books, electronic devices or just simple smiles.

There were basketball courts, volleyball nets, gazeebos with birthday parties, sidewalks filled with scooters, bikes, skateboards and nervous dogs. There were cookouts near the pond and children gazing deeply into the water for any indication of tadpoles, fish or other signs of life.

We ended up spending several hours at the park where we cooked, visited with our friends and watched lovingly as our children ran free with no restraints from one end of the park to the other.

If you haven’t visited Katherine Rose Memorial Park in Mansfield, you are missing out on a fun family treat. If you are not near Mansfield, try popping in on your neighborhood park and see if you can top the fun my family had!