Olivia, the Owl

In less than two hours, we’ll be watching our seven year old daughter perform in her first school play.
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Excitement has been building in our household since she announced she received the coveted role of Olivia the Owl. Because she was beaming with so much pride, we were happy. Though she only has one speaking line (and no, it’s not “hoot, hoot” as my dad joked with us), I became overly concerned how I was going to put a costume together.

Opting the easy way out, I quickly searched for whimsical costumes online. My hubby agreed the $30 priced costume I found was well worth the trouble. However, our daughter was not pleased. She wanted a costume made from scratch.

Martha Stewart I am NOT. Am I resourceful? Yes.

At our local Wal-Mart, I purchased two bags of feathers and two posterboards. For the owl’s eyes, I used coffee filters. With help from my personable designer (aka our daughter), I was able to put this costume together. Voila!

– Cool Playground Mommy