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No Soup For You

I got a note home from school that let me know that we had $2.15 due in lunch money and that as a result my 2nd grader was served a "partial" lunch.

I got a note home from school that let me know that we had $2.15 due in lunch money and that as a result my 2nd grader was served a "partial" lunch.

So I'm thinking - water instead of juice? No dessert? No free pass to the salad bar? I asked him what his "partial lunch" consisted of, and he said: "a bun".

I laughed. "C'mon buddy - what did you get for lunch?"

"No really mom, it was a bun."

"Nothing else?"

"Nothing else."

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I laughed a little. And to reinforce my parental duties I said - "Well I guess that's what we get for being late on lunch money. Sorry buddy, that's mom's fault."

And as soon as he was out of earshot, my husband heard a string of profanities that ended in "bun". Heck - I would have rather had them give him a single carrot. He would have got more out of it.

Well played lunch lady. Well played. But we'll get you next time! I'm sending $25 in pennies . . .

Chris Farley Lunch Lady Land

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