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New Childrens Books Your Kids Will Fight Over

Looking for something new and exciting for your youngster to read?
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I have a few new books to share with you that my kids and I went a little bonkers for.

Disclaimer – I really did read each of these books (mostly while waiting in the pickup line at school). After I read them (and deemed them appropriate for child consumption) I passed them on to my kids, who then proceeded to bicker over who got to read what first. And just so you know, we didn’t receive any bribes or free stuff for this post, we just really liked these books and wanted to share them with you.

That said, lets dive in.

The House of Secrets– Chris Columbus

Released Aprils 2013, Ages 8+

Cordelia, Brendan and Eleanor Walker were your typical American kids with two happy parents and all the portable technology their little hearts desired. That was before the incident. The incident that led them to their father’s unemployment and his decision to relocate the family to a mysterious new house with a creepy old woman living next door.

It’s not until after the creepy neighbor destroys their new house, causes their parents to disappear, and banishes them to a mythical land, that they realize how much trouble they are now in. Together, the siblings must learn to depend on each other, and face their own fears as they encounter all the trials this new land holds. From epic beasts to medieval warriors to a power hungry queen; the trio, and their new found companions must work together to save not only themselves but ultimately the whole world.

Mom adds: The fact that my kids literally fought over this book should tell you something. Did I mention it was written by an award winning director? Yup. Can’t wait for the next one in the series.

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The Paladin Prophecy book 1– Mark Frost

Released Sept 2012, Ages (according to Amazon – 12+, but I think my 10 year old would love it)

Will West just wants to be normal. Ever since he was a small child his parents have preached normalcy. Don’t stand out. Don’t get noticed. Blend in as best you can. He has never been able to truly show his academic and athletic abilities. When he accidentally scores in the highest percentile on a standardized test, men in black sedans pull up and begin to ask all the wrong questions. In order to escape their unwanted probing he takes refuge in a center for other exceptional students.

Will and his new friends must learn to embrace their extraordinary gifts to embrace a battle between epic forces that have been around for thousands of years.

Mom says: There’s probablya really good reason why there’s already a waiting list for this one at the library. Kids haven’t read it yet, because I can’t get my hands on a paper copy. I had to read it on my phone. Again, written by an award winning director, I couldn’t put it down.

Seven Wonders Book 1: The Colossus Rises– Peter Lerangis

Released Feb 2013, Ages 8+

After collapsing on the street, Jack McKinley is whisked away from his friends and family to a private institute full of weird professors, strange kids, and an island full of dangerous creatures that lurk in the woods.

Jack and his new friends must overcome their differences and work together to solve the mysteries of the island, figure out how to use their super powers, and locate the seven loculi before they fall into the hands of the enemy.

Mom says: Is it bad when your kids tell you to put down the book and pay attention to them? Yeah. If you aren’t on vacation, don’t pick it up. It’ll cause you to neglect responsibility for a few days. You’re better off just giving it to your kids and letting them duke it out.

Interested in more book suggestions for your kids? Elissa Peterson probably reads way too many children’s books. You can snoop here to see what else is on her bookshelf.


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