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Neen Machine

My tagline is Balance and Success Redefined - because we all know that kids can truly change your perspective on life - and the expectations that you set for yourself.

I blog about my experiences as a mom and also about building a home based business - slowly. If you read between the lines - there is info on time management, kid management, organizing, recipes, parenting, and more.

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The Cleaning Machine

The Cleaning Machine

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Flying Machines Summer Camp

Flying Machines Week was a lot of fun because of the variety of activities it involved.

Legal Ducks in a Row?

Legal Ducks in a Row? (or…How I am Going to Protect My Family)

No one wants to think about the scary stuff, but there are a few legal documents that you should have in order. And now time and cost don't have to stop you.

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10 Easy Things We Do to Get Ready to Go Back To School

10 Easy Things We Do to Get Ready to Go Back To School

Stay bug free!

10 Times I Use Bug Spray That Don't Include a Tent

Think insect repellent is just for your trip into the great outdoors? How about the regular outdoors? The outdoors that includes bike rides, yard work, and bumper cars. You’re going to want to bring the OFF!® insect repellent along for a lot more outdoor adventures, trust us.


Back To School Time Capsule Questions

I can’t believe how much changes in a year. So I thought it would be nice to have a little Back To School Time Capsule printable to share.

Safe Streets discount offer

12 Things I Caught on My Doorbell Camera

Consider this, in the last 10 minutes, there were over 11,000 packages stolen from people’s property...

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A Family Home Fire Drill is For ALL Ages

Only HALF of American families have practiced a HOME FIRE DRILL—but 9 in 10 structure fires happen in the home!