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My trip on the Mickey Mouse Bus: A review of Disney Live! Rockin’ Road Show

One of the best perks about being a parent is having opportunities to surprise one’s children.
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Keeping a magic little secret or squirreling away a special little toy that will make those young eyes shine when the surprise is revealed (almost) makes those middle-of-the-night feedings and that inevitable onset of toddler whining worth the hassle.

This weekend my husband and I were able to present such a surprise to our two children, ages 4 and 2 ½ (see how I know so much about toddler whining?). Moms Out Loud recently presented me with the opportunity to review the traveling production of Disney Live! Rockin’ Road show for their website. I had tucked the knowledge of this opportunity away, keeping it a secret from our two little ones until the perfect moment arose in which we would reveal that our family was off to see Mickey, Woody, Tigger and Cinderella. The time finally came when we could pull this rabbit out of our parenting hat. Tiptoeing into the children’s rooms, we woke them from their naps to reveal that our little family of four was heading out the door to see Disney Live! Rockin Road Show that very afternoon. 

Disney Live Rockin Road Show is a live stage performance curtailed to the preschool crowd. This performance, produced by Feld Entertainment, relays the story of how Mickey and pals are off in search of talent for their annual Talent Show. Along their journey they happen to encounter Woody, Jesse and Buzz from Disney/Pixar’s Toy Story, bump into a bouncing Tigger and are enchanted by the always beautiful Cinderella. Running an estimated 75 minutes, including a brief intermission (the show we saw actually ran over 100 minutes), this energy-filled performance will have the entire family on their feet dancing and singing along with these beloved Disney characters.

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My children, still a bit groggy from being stirred from a mid-afternoon nap and hurried out into the cold January air, were quickly drawn in by this performance. They excitedly shouted characters names as they appeared on stage, they danced themselves into frenzy and they cheered when everything turned out just right for Mickey and his friends in the end. My little girl looked on with awe as Cinderella made her entrance onto the stage and my boy did his best imitation of a roping cowboy after he witnessed the antics of Sheriff Woody.

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I would recommend this Disney Live production to fellow parents with young children. Tickets can be pricey (they range in price from $25-60), but the actors and musical numbers are worth the expense. Although my children are preschool-aged and fit into the

target audience for this production, I witnessed a variety of children enjoying the show, ranging in age from young toddlers to elementary school aged children. The venuewhere we saw this production happens to be quite large, yet the production crew had done a good job of making the area seem quaint and cozy by blocking off unused portions of the arena with screens and curtains. Our seats were on the side, which did cause us to have a limited view of some of the action on stage. As with any traveling kid production of this nature, there are many toys and light-up gadgets for parents to purchase for their children. My son was greatly disappointed when he realized that one had to actually pay for the fancy Mickey Mouse flashlight as opposed to simply raising one’s hand and asking nicely for the toy.

Disney Live! tours year-round and currently has two shows in rotation (Rockin Road Show and Playhouse Disney Live). If you get the opportunity and your children love Disney characters, I would recommend taking the plunge and catching one of these shows with the family.

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Just think of the gleam in your children’s eyes when you surprise them with the chance to see one of their beloved Disney characters in person. Such a glimmer of childhood wonder helps ease the inevitable sting that accompanies raising children…

Special thanks to Moms Out Loud for the opportunity to attend and review the January 3rdproduction of Disney Live! Rockin Road Show at the American Airlines Arena inDallas.

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Lynley Baker Phillips enjoys partaking in various activities around the Dallas/Fort Worth area with her cute husband and two preschool-age children. When not out and about, she is a freelance writer and stay-at-home mommy. Her writings have been featured in various publications, atExaminer.comand on herblog.She can be contacted


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