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My Profound Three-Year-Old

Last week, my mom came down to visit us from Illinois.
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It was really great having her around, especially since this time my girls actually recognized who she was and took to her right away (as opposed to the full 24 hours they required the last few times). She only stayed for the weekend, but it only took about thirty seconds for my three year old to blow my mom away. Here’s the scene:

My mom is in the bathroom doing her hair while my two girls look on from the side.

> Grandma: “Ugh! My hair never does what I want it to do! I hate my stupid curly hair!”

> Three Year Old: “Grandma, God gave you just the right hair for you and you should like it because God does.”

> Pause…

> Grandma: “Honey, you’re exactly right. I’m so glad God gave me the hair that was just right for me.”

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Can you imagine the pride that swelled up in my heart at hearing that? I was speechless and instantly choked up. That girl blows me away sometimes. Kids are just amazing little beings that can be so profound and yet so innocent at the same time.

The thing is, I can’t take complete credit for this. I’ve read her “Gertrude McFuzz” a few times – You know…the bird who only had one tailfeather but wanted to have two, so she took pills that grew her tailfeathers until she had too many and couldn’t fly and then she learned that one tailfeather was just right for her? I’ve only ever had the “God made you just right” talk with her once. Surely, she heard it somewhere else, too. Maybe church?

Whatever the source of her knowledge, she still really amazed me – as chidlren often will.


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