My Life is Not Boring — And Neither is Yours

Spoiler Alert: This is totally a mommy/girl power pep talk. Sometimes we just need one of those don’t you think?
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Today a friend of mine who I interviewed for a magazine article I am writing sent me a facebook message after she finished all her interview questions. “As I already said (but want to re-emphasize…) ….that was harder than I thought it would be….”

My response to this super tough awesome gal who bikes in Zion National Park and other outdoorsy places for the fun of it? “If it was easy, it would be boring.” Obviously she already knows that.

But it was an amazing reminder for me.

I had a hard day today. It was long, it was filled with so many different things, I wore so many different hats. There was a moment that was so hard, so full of confusion, anger and sadness I can’t bear to remember it. There were moments of complete inspiration and hope as well. In fact, those moments lived right next to each other today and had nothing to do with other. There was another bad moment when I admit I may have swore at my teenager because he was being so rude and disrespectful to me while I was playing his personal taxi driver in the middle of the day. That was a bad Mommy moment. It was hard. I am still feeling remorse over that hard moment. A few moments later I redeemed myself. He redeemed himself and we were friends again or at least a good Mom and a good son. There were moments where I rejoiced over spring, and moments where I laughed and danced with my daughters. There were also moments where I had to teach them hard lessons.

Today was not easy. It was harder than I thought it would be. But it was definitely not boring. And I really hate to be bored.

My passion is to find other people’s stories and tell them. Sometimes that means I ask them to dig a little deeper and reveal themselves. Because I want to tell the interesting story, the story that makes us real and alive and different from the next person. This was my story today. It was a little difficult and strenuous. But it was not boring. I am willing to bet that your day or your week was not easy (unless you are hanging out on a beach in Hawaii or Mexico). Either way, I bet your life is not boring — So embrace it.


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I’m Bored

It’s the 5th day of summer and I’ve all ready heard “I’m bored” more than I’d like.