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My Kid Is Only Wet at Night, But RELAX, It’s Okay

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The world would be a better place if all parents came to the realization that every kid is different. They have different personalities, different likes and dislikes, they’ll hit milestones at different speeds and no, not all children should be fully potty trained by the time they’re two. 

I remember vividly meeting with our pediatrician for my oldest son’s annual checkup years ago. He had just freshly turned two, and I was fretting to the doctor about how he wasn’t fully potty trained yet and was experiencing nighttime wetting. Our doctor (who I friggin’ love) turned to me and said “Look, he’ll do it when he’s ready. People have crazy expectations everyone has an opinion. Medically, there’s no set age for when a child should be potty trained and fully dry at night. Every kid is different and their development will vary! You’ll figure out what works best. Don’t listen or pay attention to what everybody else tells you, listen to your kid and go from there. No one knows what’s best for him better than you!”

So that’s what we did and you know what, it worked out just fine for him and for the 2 kids that followed. 

Our youngest son just turned 4 and continues to wear nighttime protection because mostly, I don’t want to risk it. Because what’s worse than changing pee sheets in the middle of the night? NOT MUCH! We turned to GoodNites NIghtTime Underwear at Sam’s Club, which are disposable nighttime pants designed for kids just like mine who are young but wet at night. He’s been fully potty trained during the day for at least a year, but at night… not so much. We’ll get there eventually but for now, I can rest easy knowing he’s comfortable and confident in his GoodNites.

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I prefer to keep a large supply of GoodNites on hand so I like to stock-up at Sam’s Club with the big box when I’m getting low. That way we’re never making those middle of the night runs to the grocery store for a pack of GoodNites. You know, I’m already stocking up on the other stuff we need while we’re there so hey, it’s convenient! I absolutely love that I can order online and get everything shipped right to my house without any shipping fees. YOU KNOW I AM ALL ABOUT THAT LIFE!

Essentially, I am 100% a fan of things that make my life easier. Not worrying about keeping my kid dry through the night and getting all of my shopping done conveniently in one place at a great value are both high on that list.

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Don’t sweat the small stuff, guys. It’s basically my mantra. We got this!


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