Music on a Budget and San Diego Music Teachers

Most parents already know about the potential benefits that musical training can have for their children.
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But for many families, purchasing instruments and registering for youth orchestras is a major expense that might be pretty far outside the family budget.

Fortunately, families who want their children to experience music can still find smart ways to incorporate the arts at home. And some of these creative ideas might even make awesome Christmas gifts for your little ones this December.

How Music Helps Kids Grow

Music can have some profound effects on the developing brain of a child. Because music is another kind of language, learning music helps boost children’s language development because the brain utilizes similar processes. “Music education helpsenhance those natural abilities” of decoding sounds and words, writes

Music can help in many other areas as well, including:

•Spatial-temporal skills

•Fine motor skills

•Critical thinking


•Focus and concentration


Homemade Instruments

A great way to start introducing instruments without buying expensive real ones is to try DIY. There are lots of fantastic craft ideas that transform recycled materials into cool kid-proof instruments like a homemade drum set or a crafted cardboard guitar. While learning about music, these craft projects will also let the inner artist out while teaching about recycling and sustainability. Some ideas you will find might require more technical skill. Parents can create these instruments as special Christmas gifts for their children.

Enjoying Live Music Together

Another great way to help your children appreciate music is to take the whole family to local concerts. Many communities put on free concerts in the park or offer discounted symphony days. The public library may also present programs geared towards kids. These are all fantastic ways to enjoy a fun family outing while exposing your kids to the inspiration of live music.

With Christmas well on its way, now is the perfect time to find local live music. Schools choirs put on performances. Churches host Christmas musical celebrations. Christmas carolers may even arrive on your doorstep. And your children will be able to sing along with familiar holiday tunes they already know.

Starting Music Lessons

After experiencing live music and making fun instrument crafts, your child may still be hungering from more. Some affordable beginning instruments that your child can play with on their own include the ukulele and the recorder. You can start them on basic theory books and find beginning lessons with San Diego music teachers.

Eventually, you may want to begin searching for a private instructor or music class that can provide your child with the training that he or she needs to excel with a real instrument. If your child proves truly passionate about pursuing the instrument, you can ask grandparents to chip in on the purchase of an instrument and lessons for Christmas.

With these great steps to opening up the experience of music for your children, you can help expand their horizons and even guide them to a new passion that they will enjoy.

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