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I am a mommy of 2, Massage Therapist, artist, seeker..., toymaker, treehugger, outside playing, warm rain and soil under my bare feet loving, Celtic Zen Gnostic Neo-Eco-Pagan Syncretist cradled in a mountainous hanging valley nestled 2000ft above another valley in south central Alaska. My blog is about my family doin' life...with an emphasis on Waldorf education/philosophy and how I'm implementing it into our lifestyle.


Living the Scream

A Mommy blog written by a stay at home mom of three daughters topics include, raising children, holiday ideas, baby sleeping problems, breastfeeding and many laugh and learn moments. I also feature product reviews and give a ways. I love offering funny parenting advice and practical parenting advice. I am very relatable and enjoy sharing the ups and downs of my life as a mom.