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Mother’s Day and the Special Needs Child

It’s the little moments that count with our kids and I am trying to be very intentional with our time together.
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I make sure that I am playful with him even when I am trying to work or clean house.  He can help me in his own way and he feels valued. Our family is very playful and so play times often come up just in normal situations.  Even though I am exhausted, I try to make the time special in a small way.

Traditions or routines are very important to children and special needs children look forward to them.  I try to read to him from a “special book” of collected stories each night.  He has to earn the book with his good behavior but we make sure we spend time together before bedtime reading, singing or playing pat a cake. These little moments are what he will remember when he grows older.  Maybe he won’t remember a particular day, but he will cherish the time he spent with me.  These are also special times for me, too as I slowly watch my son grow up and begin to mature.

Mother’s Day is a gentle reminder of our sacrifice and even if your child will never be able to speak to you, you can tell that they love you.  Mothers just know.  Sometimes people put us up on a pedestal because they can’t fathom doing what we do, but we aren’t saints.  We have our flaws and our moments of weakness.  But we keep trudging on because our child needs us more than ever.  Frustration is probably our greatest flaw because we are frustrated on many levels.  But it all goes away when our child smiles or has an amazing break through.  That is why we do it.  We love our children.

I am very blessed to have a special needs child and I wouldn’t have it any other way.  Yes, we all dream of a “normal” child but my son is special in his own way and gives me so much joy in return.  Our children are blessings and challenges all wrapped up in our child.  We have a connection that cannot be duplicated or taken away.  Each Mother’s Day I remember how blessed I am to have my son and how blessed that I am his mother.  Happy Mother’s Day to all you blessed Mothers of Special Needs Children!