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Need something quick, easy, AND meaningful for Mother's Day? We've got you covered.

mother's day card

Mother's Day Crafting

Jen at DFW Mama has a great roundup of some easy and darling crafts to celebrate Mother's Day, including this cute handmade card.

Mother Lode

Sharing good things gleaned and projects tackled from my trips around the blogosphere where creativity, parenting, handmade and homemaking all cross paths.

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Book Recommendations: 12 Favorite Children’s Books for Mothers

Moms are all kinds of awesome and so is our list of favorite children’s books for mothers.

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Hugh Hefner vs. Mother Teresa

I read somewhere that Hugh Hefner does not like broken potato chips.

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Mother’s Day Freebies

Short on cash but long on love for the Mom Unit? (Which is what my brother calls my Mom.)

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Mother Daughter Backpacking

Mother Daughter Backpacking

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I Am a Surrogate Mother

Editorial Note: Thank you to Ryley for sharing her story of surrogacy with us.