Moms Making Money from home in the Organic Beauty and Wellness industry

Moms Making Money from home in the Organic Beauty and Wellness industry.
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Two of the top things many moms are looking for nowadays are safer, greener, healthier options for themselves and their families and the ability to work from homeand increase the family income. Moms, both local and nationwide, now have the ability to use and share safe, effective, honest products and to earn money for their families by simply joining a direct sales company.

A home business gives them the freedom and flexibility to work their own hours while they get many other perks. Some of them are a personal discount on globally loved products, meeting new friends, going greener and helping others live a healthier lifestyle also. Cutting our chemical exposure can only benefit our health. And earning more money benefits not only our family in the short term but can build a brighter future for our kids with long term residual income. College can come faster than we realize!

So what company am I talking about? A global brand called Neal’s Yard Remedies is now available in the U.S and women (and men) can join as consultants and either just use the products at a discount and sell to a few friends or build a big business and team. Social selling is all the rage and women are taking advantage of their large network of online friends (and local friends)  and sharing these products, educating others and in turn earning some nice income. With no monthly fees and a free website, it’s a win-win!  Plus the perks of owning a home business often benefit us at tax time too!

Neal’s Yard Remedies may sound like “yard” products but it’s far from that. Neal’s Yard Remedies started in the early 1980’s in a small funky and very colorful part of Covent Garden, London, aptly named Neal’s Yard. And today, 35 years later, it still stands and is a busy store with a large following. Since then, Neal’s Yard Remedies has opened more stores, a direct sales division in the UK, and now in the U.S. and is also sold in 21 countries worldwide!  Their clientele is everyone from green living mamas, to some famous stars,  to people who just want a great, safer, effective skin care line or herbal remedies and essential oils.This is their store in Neal’s Yard:

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The  line is extensive and includes their award winning skin care lines, essential oils, herbal remedies, organic teas, cosmetics, books, a mother and baby line, men’s line, supplements, super foods and more!

Many moms are realizing the dangers of putting chemicals onto their skin, and that of their babies and little ones. Did you know skin is our biggest organ and absorbs whatever we put on it? Medicines come in patches and go right into the bloodstream- well, so do cosmetics. I wish I knew all of this when I first had my babies! The UK bans many chemicals and ingredients that the U.S allows. Isn’t that incredible? and scary?

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In the U.S, Neal’s Yard Remedies is known as NYR Organic and both names are used interchangeably. Their mission is  basically to encourage a more holistic way of living through the power of nature. To offer pure honest and effective products. They are a certified carbon neutral company and support many causes like Moms across America, GMO labeling, saving the Bees, PETA, Fairtrade and more. They NEVER test on animals and they help women around the world. You can read more about their missions here.

Ok, so let’s get back to how women can earn money with NYR. It’s simple- they share it. From home parties to events to one on ones and social selling online, even Facebook parties. The income earned is a direct result of the effort put into it. Many women on my team are earning a nice part time income from home and still being able to be there for their kids. Some are even earning full time income. And that will only grow as their teams grow too. Long Island is expanding our team and nationwide, we have areas with very few, or no, consultants. Imagine being the first in your area? The organic skin care industry is booming and NOW definitely is the time to join! I’ve been able to take my kids on quite a few vacations, do home repairs and pay bills all with my NYR income. I have friends on the team who are doing the same and seeing their checks grow monthly while having fun. How can you beat that?

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In my 3 years with the company as a consultant and leader, I have fallen in love more and more with their ethics, their mission and their products and I am proud to represent this well-loved line. I love seeing NYR in magazines and on sites too. You can peek at all our press here.

To learn more about the business opportunity, read this page.You can sign up right online in about 5 minutes too.

I’d love to welcome you and help you get started on your journey into healthier living (and glowing skin too!)

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To shop and learn about the many wonderful products, go here. Each month there are new specials too! Be sure to sign up for their once a month newsletter right on my site.

A few of my favorite products and best sellers:

Wild Rose Beauty Balm 

The Bee Lovely collection

Aromatherapy line

Mother and baby line 

Decadent body butters and creams 

Award winning anti-aging Frankincense Intense

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Join us today and change your tomorrows! Join here

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