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Anything you can think of related to parenting - I've been there and I've done that. Now I'm navigating the mirky waters that encompass parenting teens. Join me on this journey...if you dare!



Single Parent Advice: The Apology

There is a fine line between having a mutually-respectful relationship and letting your children run out of control. Apologizing after a disagreement is an important parenting tool that requires a few important steps.

Sleeping With the Laundry

Sleeping With the Laundry is about prioritizing fun with family, enjoying a laugh, your work and saying goodbye to Domestic Divahood! It's about making peace with not being everything to everyone. If that sounds like you, then you may be Sleeping With the Laundry too. Come join us for a laugh or two.

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Dad Reviews: New Moon

I have always loved everything to do with Vampires, in fact one of my earliest memories of watching TV was Morgan Freeman portraying Dracula on The Electric Company way back when…